Born April, 1969


Feb. 2007 The College of International Studies (CIS) China University of Political Science and Law,
Beijing, China
Aug. 2006 International Law Institute, NW Washington, DC
March 1996  Diploma Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
March 1994  LL.B., Law Faculty of Tokyo University, Tokyo, Japan


April 2013 - March 2023 Professor, Gakushuin University Law School, Tokyo
Courses taught;
  Bankruptcy Act
  Burden of Proof
  Civil Rehabilitation Act
  Civil Execution Act
  Civil Provisional Remedies Act


Tokyo Second Bar Association


Admitted to Practice in Japan, April 1996


Technical Radio Operator for On-The-Ground Services
Amateur Radio Operator
Chief Electrical Engineer
Registered Electrician
Thermal Energy Manager (Unregistered)
Refrigeration Safety Manager
Boiler Operator
Operations Chief of X-rays and Gamma-rays
Hazardous Materials Engineer
Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Silver SE 8
Information Technology Engineer
Legal Adviser on Condominium Management
Certified Condominium Manager
Real Estate Transaction Manager


Japanese, English and Chinese


1. Bankruptcy Law (Liquidation, Rehabilitation, and Reorganization)
2. Corporation Law, Corporate Acquisition, and Due Diligence
3. Business Transaction Law, Commercial Law, Feasibility Study, and other business-related issues
4. Civil Litigation, Dispute Resolution, and Mediation

【Representative Cases】

1. Bankruptcy
  A) Represented Debtor
    ・Nitto Kogyo, a golf company, in Rehabilitation process
    ・Taiyo Ryokuka, a golf company, in Reorganization process
    ・Kinka Doh, garment business, in Liquidation process
    ・Katokichi Takamatsu Kaihatsu, a golf company, in Reorganization process
  B) Court-Appointed Deputy Trustee
    ・Nissan Kensetsu, a general construct contractor, in Reorganization process
    ・Tsuzuki Bouseki, a cotton-spinner, in Reorganization process
    ・Joint Corporation, a real-estate developer, in Reorganization process
    ・Washi Kosan, a wheel manufacturers, in Reorganization process
    ・Asahi Lite Optical, an optical lens manufacturers, in Reorganization process
  C) Represented Court-Appointed Examiner and Supervisor
    ・Shindo Denshi Kogyo, an electronics components manufacturer, in Reorganization process
  D) Represented Creditor
    ・The Trustee of an European company, to execute the right to a Japanese company under the Reorganization process
  E) Represented New Owner
    ・An investment fund, as a new owner of a Japanese bankruptcy company under the Rehabilitation process, to infuse capital into the company
2. Corporate Acquisition
    ・Represented a Telemarketing Company in lawsuit involving share issue
    ・Represented an investment fund in appraisal remedy process
    ・Represented an beverage manufacturer against food company in selling out business deal
3. Commercial Litigation
    ・Represented a golf company in membership dispute
    ・Represented a raw material supplier in Worker’s Accident Compensation case
    ・Represented a consumer-electronics company against electronic components supplier in Product Liability suits
4. Intellectual Property
    ・Represented a professor who was a coauthor of an economic treatise in Copyright case
    ・Represented a comic artist who drew a Manga in Copyright infringement case
    ・Represented a material supply company in Employee Invention Suit
5. Public Administration
    ・Represented a local government against a commercial bank in lawsuit involving a Loan Agreement issue
    ・Represented a local government against building constructors over a Public Bidding dispute
    ・Represented a city mayor against tax payers in law suit involving Taxation mishandling