Office Profile

1. Office Profile

April, 1972 Founded by Koji Takeuchi and Hiroyuki Kawai as Kawai and Takeuchi Law Office
October, 1976 Kunihiko Nishimura joins firm, becomes partner in April 1979, firm renamed Kawai, Takeuchi and Nishimura Law Office
April, 1989 Hideshige Aoki becomes Partner
April, 1991 Junichi Aratake becomes Partner
June, 1991 Firm name changed to Sakura Kyodo Law Offices
June, 1994 Yo Chihara becomes Partner
August, 2002 Office relocation to Uchisaiwaicho
June, 2006 Masayuki Tomari and Shinsuke Matsuo become Partners
April, 2010 Masato Matsumura and Hiroyuki Takano become Partners
January, 2011 Nikko Haku,Kazuya Watanabe and Chie Goto become Partners
April, 2012 Naoki Ueda becomes Partner
April, 2014 Naoko Ohiwa,Kazuki Sato become Partners
April, 2015 Kentaro Kobayashi,Takahiro Arase become Partners
November, 2017 Koji Yamawaki becomes Partner
April, 2019 Daiju Hirayama becomes Partner
May, 2020 Office relocation to Yotsuya
April, 2022 Masaki Kikuno and Yuusuke Kin become Partners

2. Contact Information

YOTSUYA TOWER 8F 1-6-1 Yotsuya Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
Tel: 03 (6384)1120 Fax: 03 (6384)1121

3. Firm Philosophy

In providing legal services, Sakura Kyodo’s attorneys and staff shall strive to meet the highest standards and to:
【1】treat each client matter equally and fairly from the largest multi-national corporations to the single individual;
【2】render the highest quality service to all clients and to advocate for their rights to the fullest;
【3】adhere to the highest ethical standards and conducts;
【4】promote knowledge and training of our attorneys and staff on dealing with matters relating to international law and commerce;
【5】contribute to the development of the Japanese judicial system through the practice and study of the law;
【6】contribute to and actively participate in pro-bono activities

4. Practice Areas

【1】Bankruptcy and Corporate Restructuring
Corporate Reorganization, Corporate Consolidation, Civil Rehabilitation, Voluntary and Involuntary Liquidation, specialist in Cross-Border Insolvency and Corporate Reorganization
【2】Debt Collection
Court facilitated recovery of debts and debt instruments, excluding collection of high usury interest debts
【3】Corporate Law
Joint Ventures, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Finance and Investment Management, Corporate Governance and Shareholder Initiatives, Corporate Taxation, Labor and Employment, Commercial Contracts and Transactions and General Corporate Counseling
【4】 International Transactions
International Commercial Transactions, International Commercial Dispute Resolution and Arbitration, Secured Transactions.
【5】Industrial Property Rights, Patent, Trademarks, and Copyright,
Counseling on wide spectrum of IP matters, including unfair competition, copyright, and purchase, sale or licensing of IP rights, in addition to trademark, copyright and patent registration and advice, enforcement of IP rights, and anti-piracy initiatives, as well as internet and domain name issues, media, advertising and telecommunications law, franchising, trade secret protection, and computer software and data protection.
【6】Real Estate Matters
Commercial and Personal Real Estate Transactions including Commercial Leasing and Property Management, Sale and Acquisition of Commercial, Industrial and Residential Properties, and Construction Projects
【7】General Contracts
Contracts relating to Commercial Sales of Goods, Distribution Contracts, Loans and Guaranty, Licensing and Leasing
Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury and other Torts
【9】Trust, Estates and Family Law
Counseling on Planning, Establishment and Administration of Trusts and Estates, Wills and Inheritance, and Divorce
【10】Criminal Law

5. Range of Clients

Individuals and Business Organizations
(from small closely held companies to large publicly listed companies)